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Baby Watch 2009

Well, that’s what a couple of my friends are calling it now that I have no more excuses to put off getting pregnant!

I’m feeling a little alone in this whole endeavor but it’s all good.  So since I stopped the pill in mid-July, I haven’t had a period.  I went to my OB/GYN today and found out that I likely was born with an ovulation issue – essentially, unless told, my body doesn’t remember to ovulate and therefore I don’t have a period.  I had some blood drawn to check some hormone levels, etc…  But that is what she’s thinking.

I am going to be on a progesterone (sp?) pill for 5 days each month to trigger the period, and thus trigger ovulation.

She said of any infertility issue to have, this is the best.  Apparently it’s common and this pill will help.  If this doesn’t get the job done in 6-9 months, we’ll go to an infertility specialist she works with and there are advanced medicines to fix it and they’ll also check Chris.  But, she thinks this will not be needed since I had normal periods when regulated with the Pill.


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