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Period on my own?

So, something weird happened on Friday that I want to discuss:

I got my period.  On my own, without the Provera.  What is concerning is that I had my period two weeks prior, although short and light, it was still there.  This was very heavy and I had symptoms of it coming and didn’t understand (I don’t get PMS or anything too bad but I get wicked sore boobs – sorry if TMI!) and then boom – it happened.  It was pretty heavy and it lasted almost 5 days (it’s essentially done now).  I called my OB/GYN yesterday but she wasn’t in the office and I’m playing phone tag with her now.  I am wondering what this could be (a fluke? a miscarriage?) and also if this screws up my good test results from my “Day 3” which may not have been my real Day 3?  *sigh* Being a science experiment SUCKS and I am just tired of it.  Why can’t I be normal?  Why can’t I simply have sex with my husband and get pregnant?  I don’t understand.  I did receive a call from my OB/GYN office this morning, related but unrelated, and Chris’s SA came back clear.  Now he can stop with the “what if it’s me?” crap and we can move on with the “no, but it’s clearly ME” plan…


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