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Well, I just made my 1 year no-baby appointment with my OB/GYN for October 28th at 9:00am.  At first she said there weren’t appointments until December, but then she was able to find a few open.  My guess is that she was looking under routine appointments and I needed a problem appointment.  So – I’ll have the next steps in the plan on October 28th and maybe even some answers.  I am both nervous and looking forward to it – I’ve been reading my book The Ultimate PCOS Handbook: Lose Weight, Boost Fertility, Clear Skin and Restore Self-Esteem and taking notes on things I want to ask the doctor.  I feel much more prepared and now I’ll put much more effort into getting further into the book or at least the chapters where I may need to refer questions to my doctor.  But I’ve already gone through the diagnosis and medical parts so I think I’m good.  *sigh* This is all such a process and I hate every waking second of it. 

My neighbor called because her husband got stuck in traffic and couldn’t make it home to get her youngest, Paul, off the bus.  I usually grab him for her when she or her husband get stuck so I went out and had him come inside.  Well, he was all excited to tell me about his loose tooth (he’s 7) and show it to me.  I have a pretty tough time with human anatomy in general, but have a big aversion to loose teeth.  He’s wiggling it around and talking to me all about it – I’m trying to remain engaged in the conversation without losing my lunch.  All of a sudden – BOOM.  Tooth is out!  I, not having children, have not a clue what to do so I ask him what he needs.  He pulled out a Ziploc bag his teacher had given him in case it came out during the day or on the bus.  He sticks it in the bag and shows me how bloody it is (really, I want a boy when I have a kid?!)  I asked him if he needed to rinse his mouth or what did he need me to do and he said some water would help – that I could do.

Then, we get into a conversation about the tooth fairy.  He tells me he questions whether she is real so he’s going to have an experiment.  Okay – well, he’s going to be sure not to tell his parents that his tooth fell out and he’ll put it under his pillow and see if there is money in the morning.  If there is, then obviously there is a tooth fairy.  If there isn’t, then he knows it’s his parents.  I told him to be careful in doubting the tooth fairy as she may take off some of the money he may get.

His dad got home a few minutes later so I sent him across to his house.  I called his mom and old her she better have tooth fairy money ready for tonight… 

Being a parent is gross and funny…you know, the total 20 minutes I experienced of it today!


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