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…is a baby.  But, we all know this and it won’t happen for Christmas so I should say – all I want for 2011 is a baby. 

I spoke with Julie, my best friend, and she received confirmation that she is pregnant – with twins!  Julie and I got engaged within 6 months of one another and got married within 3 months of one another.  I hope the trend continues and I get pregnant within a few months of her…  One can wish, right?


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Today was my follow-up appointment with Dr. Zimon at Boston IVF.  She said all of my bloodwork came back good and the pelvic ultrasound was good – there are lots of follicles and she was very happy with the way my ovaries looked.  Yay!  My HSG was clear – which I pretty much knew because they told me during the test that everything looked great.  No insulin issues, which is awesome too.
So, *drum roll please* the plan is this: 

I wait the month before we start anything.  If I don’t get my monthly visitor (which if I could wager a bet on it – I’d bet $100,000 it doesn’t come on its own…), I go in the week of 1/10/2011 to do bloodwork and then they’ll prescribe the Provera (which I think is stupid considering this is the process – minus the bloodwork – that I’ve been on for 14 months but, alas, this is their requirement) and make me have my period. 

On day 3 I will start Clomid for 5 days and I’ll be monitored the entire time.  When they see everything is ready, I’ll do an injection of Ovidrel which helps kick the egg(s) out and gets the party started.  Again, I’ll be monitored and then we will go through Interuterine Insemination (IUI) to ensure that the two parties meet appropriately.  Dr. Zimon is recommending IUI with me because of my absolute lack of menstruation so she is a bit concerned that Clomid may not work to it’s fullest potential (or at all, but we’ll see).  Although she has concerns, she was extremely positive about our plan and thinks it will work.  Regardless, she is very confident that we’ll be able to get pregnant – it’s just a matter of how.  

We are also going to freeze some of Chris’s sperm.  Because he’s gone four days a week, there could be a liklihood that when I need his swimmers, they’re spending the day flying around in Amish country.  It’s about $300.00 but the insurance may cover it – so, essentially, if he is around we’ll use a “live donation” and if he isn’t around we’ll use the frozen variety.  

Chris is having a bit of a hard time with all of this – the IUI and the frozen sperm.  He really wants to make a baby and was kind of let down when the suggested course was IUI.  I truly do see where he is coming from and I think he’s going through some of the feelings I went through in the very beginning about how this gives a whole new meaning to “making” a baby.  We’re just whipping one up using a different method…it’s still his sperm and my egg and it will be OUR baby.  I feel bad because I don’t know how to alleviate these feelings from him and I truly do empathize with him because I’ve been there and still have days when I feel that way.
I’m excited – a little apprehensive since it’s a crazy process (take this pill, do this, have this exam, this bloodwork, pee in this cup, etc…) but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Plus, the timing works out great as I’ll be switched onto Chris’s insurance as of 1/1/2011 which 100% covers fertility treatment! 
In the meantime, I have at least one more month where I can enjoy wine, martinis, etc in large quantities and often…and that is my plan!

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So, I finally found a place that had the Varisella vaccine (chicken pox) and was willing to give it to me.  Actually, I should give the credit to Chris since he found the place. 

So, I went in today and the place is…well…a walk-in clinic.  And not a nice one – I’ve BEEN to a nice one.  This was…just…kinda ghetto.  But whatever, at this point pickers can’t be choosers, right?  It was still somewhat of a clusterfuck.  I give the chick a lot of credit – she was trying to make sure I didn’t have to pay out of pocket for the vaccine, so we spent about 30-45 minutes making calls to both Dr. Zimon’s office (Boston IVF) and Dr. Cremone’s office (my PCP) to get an “order” for the vaccine.  Finally, it came through and they poked me in the arm and voila – I’m vaccinated.

Tomorrow is my appointment with Dr. Zimon to go over all of the results – I’ve seen the bloodwork results because of the vaccine requirement and they came out pretty good.  My MPV (mean platelet volume) is out of range, but on the low side so I’m not sure what that means.  I think, if I’m reading it correctly, my blood type is O+.  Which means I’m a valuable donor!  If only I could donate blood (anemic)…

Type You Can Give Blood To You Can Receive Blood From
A+ A+  AB+ A+  A-  O+  O-
O+ O+  A+  B+  AB+ O+  O-
B+ B+  AB+ B+  B-  O+  O-
AB+ AB+ Everyone
A- A+  A-  AB+  AB- A-  O-
O- Everyone O-
B- B+  B-  AB+  AB- B-  O-
AB- AB+  AB- AB-  A-  B-  O-

I’ll have an update tomorrow after my appointment – I’ll know specifically what steps we’ll be taking…but of course, no TTC until at least 30 days because of the vaccine.

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