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Yesterday I was laughing and crying at the same time – I was laughing because I never thought I’d be so damn excited to get my period and crying because something has changed and it can only mean good things.  I haven’t had a period without induction (via Provera) in over 14 months – and the biggest change made in recent months is the exercise so I have to think that is what has brought about the change.  You know, I read that it could happen – I read all about how exercise is the best way to impact the symptoms of PCOS.  But never did I think it would actually work – especially considering I don’t think I’ve lost a damn pound.  (Although, I have to admit, my legs are amazing right now – I don’t think there is an ounce of fat on them.  They’re big and muscular and in better shape than they’ve been in YEARS).  It made me so proud of myself – I made this change.  ME on my own – no medicine. 

So, this morning at 8:00am I got up to make all the flurry of phone calls that had to be made, left voicemails, took two online courses, and read through reading materials.  You see, no one expected this to happen on its own so we were kind of in charge of my cycle since we’d have to induce it with the Provera, etc…  Well, since it decided to show up on its own and everything is cycle dependent, I had to get my ass in gear.  The clusterfuck is – my new health insurance.  Although it will save us tens of thousands of dollars, it’s an HMO which means you need referrals. 

Call #1 – Health Insurance plan:
– Obtained my member ID number (cards haven’t come in the mail yet)
– Verified process to get referral to continue treatment with Dr. Zimon at Boston IVF
– Verified authorization process to get the green light to receive infertility treatment (IUI)

Call #2 – Primary Care Physician (PCP):
– Informed the referral line of my new health insurance plan
– Provided information on my current diagnosis of PCOS and treatment with Dr. Zimon at Boston IVF
– Requested referral for continued treatment – they Email my PCP and she will (hopefully) approve
– I will receive a call if she does not approve (which will be just ducky if this happens…that means I’ll have to go in and see her and quite honestly I don’t have time for that!)

Call #3 – Nurse Karen at Boston IVF
– Left a message regarding my miraculous period arrival, asked for her to call me back with the new plan now that it’s here, also informed that I am actively working on the insurance crap

Call #4 – Administrative Assistant Lindsay at Boston IVF
– Left a message regarding my new insurance plan, that I’m actively working on the referral, and requested she return my call so I can provide her the information she needs so that she can also provide it to Finance Christina so Christina can then request the authorization to receive infertility treatment (IUI) from the Health Insurance Plan

Course #1 – Ovidrel
– Took an online course on the medicine Ovidrel

Course #2 – Subcutaneous Injection
– Took an online course on how to inject myself
– Freaked out because I’m not sure I’m going to be able to do this!

Reading Materials #1 – IUI Process
– Read through about 25 pages on the Boston IVF website around the IUI process
– I now know everything there is to know about IUI

This is a full time job in of itself!!!

**UPDATE**- 12:01pm EST:  I just heard back from Nurse Karen and there is no way to get this all done essentially today.  With the insurance change and approvals needed, it can’t happen this month.  So, the plan is to still work through all of the approvals and if I don’t get my period (or “menses” as she calls it – a word I LOATHE) in 30 days, I give her a  call and we go from there.  Chris still has to sign two consent forms and do his sperm donation to the freezer, too.  I guess it all makes sense, but it was a bit of a letdown.  Although my period coming on it’s own is a blessing, it kind of fucked stuff up. 



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Wow. I got my period.

I just got my period on my own for the first time in almost a year and a half (since being off the pill) and the first time without intervention in probably over 10 years. I may not have lost much weight (if any) since going back to the gym consistently, but I have to think that exercising has regulated my body. It’s the only thing I’ve done differently.  I guess I would have lost that $100,000 bet…

So, it looks like today is Day 1 and I’ll have to call Boston IVF tomorrow and see what they want to do. I have the prescription for the Clomid and Ovidrel, so I assume I’ll start the Clomid on Day 3 and start being monitored for when I’ll do the Ovidrel injection.

Holy shit – this could really happen and work.

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