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I went to my 20 week OB appointment on Monday and everything was good – still two babies with good heartbeats, etc…  I mentioned to her about my back pain and now I have this ridiculous Wrestlemania like pregnancy support belt to try and see if that works.  It lifts the weight off the nerves in your lower back.  The prenatal massage I had on Sunday helped my upper back / shoulders, but the sciatic pain is still there. 

I also mentioned to her that within the last few weeks I’ve been noticing my heart racing / beating hard / palipatating while at rest / etc…  So, she wanted me to call my PCP and see if they could fit me for a holter monitor or refer me to a cardiologist who could.  Apparently it’s common to have a heart murmur develop when pregnant – due to the 50% increased blood flow, it makes what may have been the slightest murmur that otherwise wouldn’t have been detected show up.
Luckily, my PCP could do everything there – so I took the hour drive yesterday and she listened to my heart and heard a very slight murmur, but didn’t think that would be the cause of my symptoms.  They hooked me up to an EKG and the EKG was normal except it showed my heart is working harder than normal – which, again, could be the pregnancy or something else.  So, next was to get hooked up to this holter monitor – it hooked onto my pants and had about 5 electrobes on my chest area.  It recorded all of my heart activity.  It sucked to sleep in (and carry around) but it was only for 24 hours.  She also did some bloodwork as being anemic, dehydrated, or elevated sugars can cause similar symptoms.  I was to drop the holter off today or tomorrow (will be tomorrow as work is just crazy and I’ve been at the doctors most of this week) and they will download the results, review it with the other stuff and my lab results, and we’ll know if there is anything to be concerned with or not.  I’m oddly not too worried – shocking, I know…  But it’s important to know if anything is going on.
I told my friend last night that I was going to write a book called Pregnancy:  The Shit No One Tells You That Could Happen.  I’m convinced no one tells you as then no one would want to get pregnant!  But seriously, I feel like I could collaborate with other moms like the All Knowing Julie and we could write both an informative and humorous book about the random crap that can happen when you’re pregnant – more than just morning sickness and weight gain.  Maybe it could help others stop with Dr. Google, too.

I did go to an outlet mall last night and got myself a pretty Coach diaper bag – I think both the Peanuts and I deserve it!  It is regularly $400.00 and I got it on sale for $125.00.  It’s the one thing I wanted for myself so I’m psyched!  They actually had a lot of different ones at the outlet which I was surprised as some don’t carry them at all.  I got one I thought my loving husband would look okay carrying, too 🙂

Love me some Coach

So, we shall see how the ol’ ticker is doing.  But, all in all, I’m feeling pretty good – Wrestlemania belt and all.

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LOTS of stuf happening this week!  19 weeks is the official halfway point to full-term twin gestation.  Yes folks, we’ve officially made it halfway!  For that, I think I deserve a medal – but I’ll wait for the true gift that comes at the finish line.  Here are some things that have occurred during this 19th week –


Okay, so registering should be fun and exciting right?  Not so much.  You see, I’m pretty freakin’ good at registering for wine glasses (and knowing just what to do with them) and home decor but registering for baby stuff was WAY beyond me.  Me and the husband ventured out this past weekend and went to three stores.  The first was Buy Buy Baby since they had the bedding that I wanted – except they didn’t.  It was one they didn’t carry on hand but have it on the website only.  Wonderful.  But we poked around and then headed out to the Baby Furniture Warehouse to look for another crib (World’s Greatest Cousin is giving me her crib so we only need to buy one!) since the All Knowing Julie got hers there and they are really nice.  This place kind of skeeved me and the husband out a bit – and everything was seriously between $800-1,000 a piece.  All Knowing Julie got a hell of a deal for hers – and we couldn’t find that…nevermind in the color wood we wanted.  So we left there rather quickly and headed to the baby shit mecca, also known as Babies R Us.  It was at that moment that I wanted to turn right around and walk out and forget this ever happened.  I’ve never been so overwhelmed in my life…well, until I got the book they give you to “help” you with your registry.  We essentially spent 2 hours walking around the store CLUELESS as to what we were doing.  I had some good tips from the All Knowing Julie – but finding a sales associate who could give us more information or help us was like pulling teeth from an alligator.  Here are two things that could have helped this experience:  1 – have people on hand (or as Julie suggested – hire moms to help) to provide guidance and literally walk around with you and 2 – offer snacks.  We were there for so long and I was getting so run down and cranky a.k.a. I needed something to eat – they should give us preggos some trail mix or something while we’re there!  Anyway, we headed home where I proceeded to spend – no joke – 6 more hours over the course of that night and the next day tweaking the registry to a point where I think we’re finally there.  Holy crap.  It was one of the few times during this pregnancy that I really wished I could have had a nice stiff drink…speaking of stiff drinks…

I turned 31 on Monday!

This was an interesting birthday – it was one of the few times that I wasn’t waking up in a warm, tropical location on my birthday and I didn’t have the option to enjoy a nice, fruity umbrella drink at lunch, dinner, and in between.  I must admit – I’m spoiled.  In the 8 birthdays I’ve spent with my husband, I’ve been away for more than half of them.  Disney, Naples FL, Key West FL (x2), and St. Croix…  So, waking up fighting for space between my husband and two dachshunds in my bed was quite the wake-up call.  And then…AND THEN I had to work!  Gross – working on your birthday is ZERO fun…I can promise that.  But, I did get some wonderful presents and had a very nice evening with the hubby at one of our favorite restaurants, Solstice.  And, although it was the first birthday in well over 10 years (sorry, Mom…underage drinking admission!) that I didn’t have an adult beverage – I can truly say it was worth it and WILL be worth it in a few months.  I did, however, explain to the husband that he best be working on next year’s birthday travel plans – including a place for the peanuts to stay for a few days.  I mean, it’s only fair right?  Speaking of babies…

I felt Baby Boy move! 

It was seriously the COOLEST experience ever!  Last night while eating some buffalo chicken macaroni and cheese, I felt this rolling sensation in my lower right side and I just KNEW it was Baby Boy doing some flips!  It seriously felt like something rolling around in there – I got this huge smile on my face and proceeded to exclaim “OMG OMG OMG” to Chris and I finally got the words out that I had felt him move and he immediately put his hand there.  I felt so bad telling him it will probably be a while until he can feel it from the outside, but it was the best thing I’ve ever felt!  I am hoping I’ll start to feel movement more often as it was just amazing – and everyone says that is one of the best parts about being pregnant.  Remind me of this when they’re kicking me in the ribs and bladder, mmmkay?

Other than that, we’ve been preparing the house for our additions.  Chris has been working like crazy cleaning out the basement (it’s amazing how much STUFF two people acquire over the course of living in one place for 7 years!) and cleaning out some closets.  I cleaned out our bedroom closet so he can eventually “move in” since his clothes are in the upstairs guest bedroom which will be the nursery.  It was kind of funny piling all my winter pre-pregnancy-sorry-you-can’t-wear-these-nice-things-this-year clothes up and looking in a barren closet at just the few things I *can* wear this year.  But, I do have to admit, pregnancy leggings are pretty much the best things ever.  I’m going to order me a few more pairs of those!  And – the kicker?  The husband thinks they’re “sexy”.  Oh yes – I’ve worn them twice with tunics and he told me both times how “sexy” I looked.  Who would have thought? 

20 week OB appointment on Monday – let’s hope everything still looks and sounds hunky dory!

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