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Ahhh  – I’ve neglected this so much!  With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, I just couldn’t find the time to squeeze in a proper update.  My apologies – hope you all had a fantastic holiday season and a great start to your new year! 

Let’s get acquainted, shall we? 

Results from Heart Monitoring

Due to the holidays, I had to track down the results of all my heart monitoring and of course my PCP was out, so it was a little complicated.  But, in the end, all of my labs and the results of the holter monitor came back clear!  So, it appears my little ticker is just working extra hard with the increased blood volume with the pregnancy.  I was very relieved to hear the good news – one less thing to worry about!

Back Pain

Well, the Wrestlemania belt was returned about 4 days after wearing it and not noticing much of a difference.  I wish the solution was as simple as wearing some ridiculous belt but, alas, that is not the case for me.  The pain is complex as it’s my upper back due to the large boobs that have somehow grown even BIGGER and it’s my lower back / sciatic [pain because of the nice sized belly I’ve acquired.  I’ve found that if I sit all day with my feet up, it lessens the pain but that’s pretty unrealistic to do all the time.  If I don’t do this, I end up hobbling around by the end of the day.  It’s no fun and my biggest complaint so far.  I have an OB appointment in less than a week so I’m going to see what is the next solution after the belt failure.  For now, I’m just trying to muscle through it – but it’s tough…


Holy hell – it’s non-stop.  I sleep with a bottle of Tums beside the bed and there is a roll in my purse at all times.  Considering all my organs are squished up, it doesn’t surprise me but it’s KILLER.  It doesn’t help that all I crave is spicy food…

22 Week MFM Ultrasound

The fun stuff!!  I had my 22 week u/s with the MFM on 12/27 and everything looked amazing!!  As soon as the tech put the probe on my belly we saw a penis!  Again, my little boy clearly is not shy and is obviously a boy!  She then went and found Baby A and although stubborn as usual, she was not being coy and she is absolutely a she!  We saw the labia and no penis!  That was about all she cooperated with as we couldn’t get a good profile picture…we did get one of her cute little feet, though!  And when they did the internal u/s to check my cervix length, all you could see was her kicking down there – brat!  He was being good – we got a great profile picture and the tech turned on the 3D and we got to see him!!!  I’ll admit, it’s a bit creepy and awesome all at the same time!

Both babies measured great – he’s 1lb, 2oz and she’s 15.9oz, which puts them right about at the 50th percentile.  They had good fluid levels, solid heartbeats, and my bleed has officially absorbed!!  YAHOOOO!!!  I go back in 4 weeks and we’ll tour the maternity ward and NICU then.  I was so overwhelmed with joy that they looked so awesome!  My mom came with me to the u/s and she loved every minute of it – it truly is so special to see them.

I asked my MFM about travel and he said I am good to go through the end of January.  I’m unsure if I’ll go out to Chicago for work or not, but that to me showed that I’m in really good shape and the babies are looking really excellent.  I also asked him about not feeling a whole lot of movement and he was very candid in saying that it’s completely normal and that women feel it differently and at different times and it’s all relative to the baby’s size, position, etc…  I’ve been feeling it a little bit more often now, but it was good to hear as I thought I should be feeling it a lot more.  I go back to the MFM in 4 weeks.

And finally, I’ll end with some awesome pictures of the peanuts!

Baby A (Girl) Profile

Baby B (Boy) Profile

Baby B (Boy) 3D Precious Face!

His gorgeous button nose is just the cutest thing I’ve EVER seen!


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I spent another 7 hours at the ER on Saturday due to bleeding.  The good news is that both babies measured on target, had solid heartbeats, and were moving all around in there.  You could even see the tiny bones in their spine – they looked like little halloween skeletons on the screen!  The bad news is – the bleed is still there and hasn’t been reabsorbed.  They called it a subplacental bleed this time and said it was focused on Baby A.

Yesterday, I had my monthly OB appointment and came prepared with my husband and a list of questions a mile long.  (You’ll love this one: when I got my OB card back that tracks everything my OB had left the sticky note in there that the nurse had written that said “Has lots of questions”…I might start getting a reputation at this practice!)  This was my meeting of the 3rd OB other than my main one and I absolutely LOVED her. She sat right down and allowed me to pepper her with my questions (and even my husband slid a few in there).  Basically, she didn’t have the actual prints of the u/s from Saturday but had the report and she thinks it’s the same bleed and not another one – but doesn’t know for sure. Apparently, perigestational bleeds / subplacental bleeds / and SCHs are essentially the same thing.  Who knew?  It is about 3cm at it’s longest length and it’s kind of an oblong shape (which makes me think it’s the same since that is how the original one was).  She repeated what I assumed and that there is absolutely nothing that can be done, nothing can be taken or stopped as far as medicines, vitamins, and supplements go, no amount of bed rest would help, and it’s a wait and see game.  I don’t like waiting and seeing – I just want it to stop already and for everything to be okay.  I’m not asking much, I don’t think.

Essentially, the placentas are generating new cells all the way through Week 14 (I’m currently 12w1d).  As the new cells generate, they dig into the uterine wall.  This is what can sometimes create these bleeds as they continue to dig and implant. She said that the bleeding should stop on or about Week 14 as that is when the cells stop generating and the placenta just increases in size at that point.  She said by Week 12, you’re miscarriage rate is less than 1% – without bleeding.  Since I was diagnosed with bleeding at Week 9, my miscarriage rate was at 50% (TOTALLY didn’t know that one…) but that with each week that goes by, it drops.  So I’m probably around the 40% mark now – but there’s no black and white formula for it.  That is a scary number that I don’t like – but what we’re holding onto is that both babies have been thriving so far and don’t appear to be affected by all the bleeding.  Our new target is 14 weeks – 2 weeks from yesterday. And with that, we likely will hold off announcing the pregnancy more broadly until then.  As I’ve said, it’s always an exciting thing to announce – but telling the story of a loss is much, much harder.  I’m being a little extra cautious about it – but I think I have to at this point.  Although, my intent to not buy maternity clothes yet may have to be waived as I’m running out of yoga pants…and none of my jeans fit.  I did the rubberband trick last night with a pair of jeans so I could go out to dinner.  Oy.  And to think I’ve actually LOST 2 lbs. since my first OB visit?!  Must be from stress as I’m eating and my pants DO NOT fit. 

In more positive news, we got to hear the heartbeats for the first time yesterday!!  That was totally awesome and I’m so glad my husband got to hear that before he leaves for his six weeks of training.  Baby B was the first one and you could hear him / her moving, too – not shocking as that baby never stops moving I’m convinced.  Baby A’s was a little slower – but we’ve already coined him / her with being lazy, so not surprising there. She also checked my cervix as the hospital indicated I did not have a mucus plug (something I thought was essential, but apparently it isn’t) and everything is sealed up nice and tight.

So – we are status quo right now.  No heavy lifting, complete “pelvic rest”, and just try and lie low.  If the red blood returns or the flow increases, I have to go back.  Last night, the flow was probably the heaviest it has been – but I just don’t think it makes sense to call today since I was just seen yesterday and I have my first trimester scan on Thursday, so I’ll get to see them again (with my lovely SIL who has agreed to come along!) and hopefully they’ll still be looking good.  If you read this and are the praying type, please keep the peanuts in your prayers.  We all need them right now!

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I’m afraid to say there “isn’t much to report” because when I did that last week I started bleeding again.  But, here I am in my 11th week and we’re hanging in there!  I’ve been dealing with awful, terrible old Crinone discharge earlier in the week but now that seems to be gone but I’m still spotting a dark brown discharge (blood).  It’s seriously the grossest thing ever.  The Crinone stuff was almost black and gross and just YUCK.  I would typically be nervous since there was a lot of it and it was black and yucky but I assume it’s just old build-up since it’s been over a week since I stopped the Crinone.  I have been really uneasy the last few days, though, because I’m still sort of bleeding.  It’s only when I wipe and it’s not red and no cramping so I’m trying to keep it all in perspective.  Of course Googling “SCH” or “perigestational bleed” and reading some of the negative stories doesn’t help – but there are a lot of positive ones, too.  It was funny to find my own blog come up in one of the searches!

Less than a week and I get to see the babies again – my NT first trimester scan is scheduled for Thursday and I’m looking forward to it.  I think if everything looks good on Thursday we’ll may go “public” with our news.  I was planning on it but with the bleeding still going on, I’m now unsure.  My SIL is coming with me – I thought it would be nice to ask her to come along and I didn’t really want to go to yet another u/s alone.  I also have my monthly OB appointment on Monday – not sure what they do other than weigh me, take my vitals, and ask how things are going?  Maybe they have a doppler in that office and they’ll check for HBs?  No clue. 

Chris leaves for training for 6 weeks on Tuesday afternoon.  I am scared and nervous and even a bit looking forward to it if we’re being honest. 😉  I know after like 2 weeks I’ll be dying for him to come back, but I am mostly looking forward to my house remaining clean and not struggling to fall asleep next to a snoring mess.  His dad is going down for the first few days with him, which is nice since I couldn’t make it.  It’s going to be tough down there for him – class 6 days a week, learning a whole new company, new SOPs, new flying regulations (FAR Part 121 if you were curious), PLUS a new plane.  We still don’t know what he will be assigned to – either the Airbus 320 or the Embraer 190.  We have been receiving packages of information from JetBlue and it really seems like we made the right decision for our future.  The pay cut and reserve schedule will BLOW for a few years, but we’ll adjust and we’ll survive. 

One thing we’re trying to decide on is if we stop the COBRA coverage we’re currently paying $900.00 a month for to maintain the fertility coverage.  It’s like a safety blanket if, god forbid, something happens with this pregnancy – but it’s a LOT of money to be putting out, especially considering the pay cut.  The benefits with JetBlue are really good – they just don’t have fertility coverage.  So, if something did happen, we’d be paying all out of pocket for subsequent treatments.  Then again, once I’m into my 13th week or so and officially in my second trimester, that risk goes so far down.  I don’t know – I’m torn and really unsure of what the right decision is.  We have 30 days after his hire date to make a decision – that will bring us to November 19th and we’re paid up on COBRA through the end of November.  I’ll be 16 weeks as of the 14th.  I guess we’ll wait and see.

Still having a pretty low symptom pregnancy – pure exhaustion and peeing a lot.  The sore boobs that I thought were induced by the Crinone (and probably were to some extent) are still here so we’ll add that in the mix.  I started having some crazy, vivid dreams which I heard is also a symptom.  Still no sickness – not even once!  If it wasn’t for the perigestational bleed, I would say I am a pretty good pregnant gal – just took some modern technology to get me here.  I’ve been good about what I’m eating – I actually think other than some fertility treatment weight gain (which happened prior to my positive test where I couldn’t work out), I’m maintaining a 1 lb. gain.  I can totally see everything shifting, though – and Chris said my B belly is getting bigger on the top (I’ve always had a pooch in my lower abdominal region – even when I was skinny!) and I can see it, too.  I think it will be merging soon and will become a D belly.  Until then – no belly shots! 🙂

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Remember yesterday when we were celebrating how awesome it was that I made it over a week without an incident?  Ya me too…fast forward to this morning when I woke up and was bleeding…again.  I called my OB’s office immediately and they got me in for an u/s and appointment at 1:30pm.  So, I did a little work to distract myself and headed into the office.

Well, I’m back – and I still have two babies growing strong!  Both were measuring right on target and had HBs of 173bpm and 171bpm.  Baby B was his / her normal active self – doing flips most of the time, moving all around.  I only got one picture since he / she was being a gymnast.  Baby A was in his / her normal lazy position lying on his / her belly.  Of course I said this out loud to the tech and all of a sudden Baby A starting jumping – literally jumping with its legs – and we both burst out laughing.  Guess he / she heard me! 😉  And the perigestational bleed – is still fucking there.  Doesn’t appear to have grown but it hasn’t absorbed either.  I’m on pelvic rest, still – she said no sex and I started snickering.  I don’t think she understood the humor but there hasn’t been any nookie since before my ER.  It is what it is!  The bleeding has already slowed down to more or less spotting – which continues to be a good sign.  We’ll look for it again at my NT scan on the 20th and hope it’s been absorbed by then (doubt it but we’ll see).  I feel better knowing my little peanuts are doing so well in there – that damn bleed better just do what it needs to do and then get the hell out and leave us alone!

Oh and before I close – you deserve new pics:

Baby A


Baby B

EDIT PS – I just looked at the Dashboard for my website and one of the most common search terms that has lead people to this blog is “is there PCOS in snails?”  Ummm, really?  LOL.

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Clearly you guys know me by now and nothing can ever be fucking smooth sailing as far as this IF journey and pregnancy journey goes.  Remember the 8w2d u/s and how happy and giddy we all were?  Ya, well, fast forward to Sunday morning and we fell off of the Happy and Giddy Train and right into Holy Shit Am I About to Lose This Pregnancy-ville.

I woke up early in the morning on Sunday and I had mild to moderate bleeding.  I immediately called the OB’s office who paged the nurse on duty and she called me back quickly.  I explained the situation and she said that since there wasn’t cramping and it was mild to moderate, I should try and get some sleep and if it was still there or worse in the morning, to go to the ER.  Ya right – how could I sleep knowing there could be something wrong?  So, I got dressed (a.k.a put on a bra) and headed out to the ER and spent from 2:00am-11:00am there.

As luck would have it, the Doogie Houser, MD that was assigned to me was hot as hell.  Like, McSteamy hot.  And here he was looking at my vagina.  LOVELY.  The exam didn’t indicate “active” bleeding, but Doogie couldn’t say for sure it wasn’t something indicative of a problem or a miscarriage so I demanded an u/s.  And by “demanded” I mean I literally laid it all out on the line for him basically saying it has taken me two years to get here and I’m not leaving this goddamn hospital without an u/s.  So, he reconsidered (a.k.a. was scared of the crazy preggo) and said that if I waited until 8:00am when the u/s tech comes in, he would order it.  Since that was 3 hours away and I didn’t have anything better to do, I agreed.  See, Doogie – we can come to terms here.

So, I waited.  I dozed off a few times (oh because of course Chris was away at work and I went by myself) and was spooked awake each time a nurse came in to check my blood pressure.  No wonder it was high each time…  At around 8:15am, they came to wheel me down for the u/s.  The tech was super nice and even let me watch and see the babies.  Baby B even did a bit of a somersault while he / she was being measured.  I had to then wait over an hour for someone to read the results and give them to the new ER doc who was older and not nearly as handsome as Doogie. 

Come to find out, it’s a perigestational bleed – basically a bleed in the uterus between the gestational sacs. New ER doc said it should not negatively affect the babies and they looked good, measuring on target and their heartbeats were 175bpm.  It was very scary – I am happy that the bleeding has seemed to have stopped and the NP at my OB’s office met with me and Chris this afternoon and said it’s fairly common with pregnancies and all should be okay.  I’m just hoping we start to have some uneventful weeks ahead of us as I feel like I spend my life in doctor’s offices…  But, we’ve made it to 9 weeks.  They’re officially “fetuses” (or is it “feti?”) and they’re starting to look more and more like babies and less like gummy bears or shrimp.  As long as everything goes well (LORD WILLING!), I’ll see them again at my first trimester screening appointment on October 20th.  A little more than 3 weeks away…

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Much better news yesterday!!!  I went for the follow-up “viability” u/s and it was such a great experience!  The technician was awesome and you can watch everything that she did on a screen in front of you (unlike with Boston IVF where you couldn’t see what they were doing).  She explained everything, from checking each heart rate and doing the measurements.  She was absolutely amazing – it was great!  Their heart rates were 165bpm and 162bpm which is perfect.  They are now measuring a little ahead (and it appears a lot of growth has occurred since Friday!) as they are measuring at 8w3d and 8w4d now.  There was no issue with the yolk sac on either one and the technician said that now that we’re into the 8th week they are using the placenta more than the yolk sac so we are just fine.
I feel like a million bucks – OH OH and the best part!  While she was checking out Baby B something moved and I was like “wait, what was that?!” and she said, “it’s your lucky day – this is a bonus.  That wasn’t me – that was the baby moving!  They don’t usually move a lot at 8 weeks so that is a real treat you got to see that.”  He / she basically turned and faced the screen.  I about died – how unbelieveable!    She pointed out their little arm and leg buds – it’s just simply unreal. 
I got cleared to travel, which is good.  Just have to move around a lot on the plane and keep well hydrated.  I also was cleared to return to the gym to do cardio and pilates and yoga, so once I can muster the energy to renew my membership, we’ll be back at that.  I’m hoping next week. 
I’ll end my much happier note by including three pics – I swear I won’t send out u/s pics as our Christmas card but I do like to share these with everyone.  There is one of Baby A (lying on his/her belly), one of Baby B (sitting up), and one of both.

Baby A







Baby B




Still Twins!

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I’ve been severely neglecting the updates here and I sincerely apologize.  Last Friday’s u/s was not all that glamorous and between being worried about that and dealing with a busy life in general, it’s been brutal.  But, let’s share, shall we?

7w4d U/S with Dr. Zimon and Boston IVF & Potential Yolk Sac Issue

Both babies were measuring a bit behind at 7w1d, but I was told their heartbeats were in the 150s (come to find out after a call with Nurse Karen, only one baby’s heartrate was measured and it was 153 but it was noted the heartbeat did exist on the other baby and we did see both on the screen).  The babies looked like gummy bears!  The u/s technician noted that it appears one of the yolk sacs is a bit misshapen – specifically “possible irregular yolk sac”.  Dr. Zimon basically brushed everything off (the measurement and potential misshapen sac) and said that she thinks this was an overall great report.  She even graduated me to my OB.

Of course, I went home and discussed it with Dr. Google and it appears that misshapen yolk sacs are an omnious sign for the pregnancy and lead to miscarriage.  That lead immediately to tears and complete devastation and confusion around why my RE would be so dismissive of it when it could be a huge issue?  I called Nurse Karen and left her a sobbing message asking her to call me as I had additional questions.  She called around 5:00pm and had spoken with Dr. Zimon and essentially, they’re unsure of the clinical significance of the issue with the sac and what could happen to the baby.  Essentially, if there is a 5% chance of miscarriage for me right now – this baby would fall into the higher end of the range.  Nurse Karen didn’t know if it would or could negatively impact the other baby, so that was a question on the list for my OB.  Both babies did measure at 7w1d (and I was 7w4d), which is a good sign and she said that the measurements can sway 2-3 days either way. 

I called my OB and they squeezed me in for Monday (yesterday) with another OB in the practice, Dr. McNulty.  It was the longest weekend of my life.   I had a really tough time sleeping on Saturday night.  I just couldn’t shut my brain off.  I know there’s nothing that can be done to prevent a miscarriage, but it’s so hard to already have an issue this early. 

8 Week First OB Appointment and Follow-up U/S Scheduled

Yesterday was more like a first OB appointment with family history, urine sample, bloodwork, pap smear, exam, etc…  I did get to discuss the potential yolk sac issue with the OB and she’s going with the fact that my RE wasn’t really all that worried and the report being so vague that if there was something truly significant, it would have been noted.  All the report said was “possible irregular yolk sac” and they didn’t measure the heartrate on that baby (which was something that could have been useful for my OB to see – stupid u/s tech!).  My OB’s office wants to see it for themselves, so I’m going tomorrow (Wednesday) for an u/s and then meeting with my actual OB after to discuss the results.  And, in the end, there is nothing that can be done so it’s very much a waiting game.  I was comforted a bit by knowing that it shouldn’t affect the other baby if something does happen.  I can’t imagine losing both.
Hopefully tomorrow shows them both measuring closer to 8w2d and normal yolk sacs (whatever that means or looks like).  I swear, this is more stressful than the damn fertility treatments!  So, not a lot of answers but a little bit of comfort – and I just have to find peace in the process and that I have little control.  It will be nice to see them again on the screen and I hope it looks good.  After this I won’t have another u/s (unless there is an issue) until 12-13 weeks.

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